May we connect, share, build, and inspire – happy dancing.
— Jessica Marino & Kathleen Nasti

TRACKS // Where will dance take you? aims to anchor dance as a critical part of every city’s revitalization effort – finding sustainability for the arts and American cities through the creative economy and the power of dance.

To collaborate with local organizations in host cities to bring visibility and learn from the unique dance landscapes of smaller metro areas. Tracks creates a path and web of dance families across the country and the world. As a result, no matter the artist, presenter or audience member, we can always find our way to a welcoming home.

To create clear paths towards reaching personal goals of dance artists, presenters, and enthusiasts from smaller metro dance cities by providing platforms to exchange ideas, seek solutions, share resources, research, and network.




Artists Engaged as of 2017
Doppelganger Dance Collective, Prometheus Dance, NilsSprung Dance Project, Luminarium Dance, Kat Nasti Dance, Molly Hess, Sarah Mae Gibbons, Danza Orgánica, Vanessa White, James Morrow, KAIROS Dance Theater, David Sun/SundanceX, McKersin Previlus, DanceTheYard, Christopher Kinsey, Pantos Project, Tarikh Campbell, Sidra Bell Dance New York - Boston Module, STAYCEE PEARL Dance Project (SPdp), Teena Marie Custer, Shana Simmons Dance (SSD), Brady Sanders, Jamie Erin Murphy, Maree ReMalia & HyunJung Lee, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Graduate Program

Cities as of 2017
NYC, Pittsburgh, Boston

Venues Engaged as of 2017
Gibney Dance Choreographic Center, Green Street Studios, PearlArts Studios, August Wilson Center, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre