2017-18 ARTISTS

Brady Sanders, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, Christopher Kinsey, DanceTheYard, danceETHOS Performance Company, Danza Orgánica, David Sun/SundanceX, Doppelganger Dance Collective, FAITHANDBRUTALITY, Fukudance, James Morrow, Jamie Erin Murphy, KAIROS Dance Theater, Kat Nasti Dance, Luminarium Dance, Maree ReMalia & HyunJung Lee, McKersin Previlus, Molly Hess, NilsSprung Dance Project, Olive Prince Dance, Pantos Project, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Graduate Program, Passion Fruit, Prometheus Dance, Sarah Carlson/DanceLink, Sarah Mae Gibbons, Shana Simmons Dance (SSD), Sidra Bell Dance New York - Boston Module,  STAYCEE PEARL Dance Project (SPdp), Tarikh Campbell, Teena Marie Custer, Vanessa White


Choreography: Brady Sanders
Music: Julianna Barwick, Valgeir Sigurðsson, STAT News
Dancers: Brady Sanders, Shana Simmons

Alzheimer's disease and related dementia affects millions of people worldwide. This short contemporary work grapples with the question, "When we forget ourselves and our loved ones, what remains?” 

Brady Sanders currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA and has performed with Dansz Loop Chicago, Inaside Chicago Dance, Thodos Dance Chicago, Attack Theatre in the Pittsburgh Opera, the Murphy/Smith Dance Collective, Jamie Erin Murphy and Shana Simmons Dance. He has toured nationally and internationally with Thodos Dance Chicago and The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps. Brady founded and is the current Artistic Director of the Pride of Cincinnati Dance Ensemble. His choreography has been performed by many artistically innovative groups including but not limited to, The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, the Pride of Cincinnati Winter Guard and The Pride of Cincinnati Dance Ensemble. Brady’s choreography was most recently seen at the 2016 newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival and the Texture Contemporary Ballet WIP Choreography Project. He is currently teaching, performing and choreographing extensively throughout the Pittsburgh area and across the Midwest. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

Showing: Excerpts from "Boda Mexicana" (Mexican Wedding)

Choreography: Artistic Director Alberto Lopez and Choreographer Noemy Hernandez
Music: Arrangements by Music Director, George Saenz
Dancers: Abril Anchondo Reynaga, Juan Castano, Christopher Cortez, Mario Flores, Cindy Garcia, Fernando Lara, Adina Lopez, Desiree Lopez, Grisel Pren Monje, José María Rojas, Lucero Velazquez, and Diana Vivar                        Musicians: Ron Wilkins, Edgardo Serka, Jeremy Powell, George Sáenz, and Jackie Coleman


Calpulli Mexican Dance Company is hailed as a "terrific company" by the New York Times after its performances at Lincoln Center Out of Doors and The Town Hall. The touring company of 12 dancers and 6 musicians has cross the USA and made its international debut in 2013 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It's mission is to celebrate the rich diversity of Mexican and Mexican-American cultural heritage through dance and music. Its repertoire captures the many ethnic and regional people of Mexico as represented through folk dance and story-telling.


"Boda Mexicana" celebrates the traditions that unite two individuals as told throughout the different customs, rituals, and symbols from people all across Mexico.

Christopher Kinsey

Showing: Giovanni's Room

Christopher Kinsey is a freelance choreographer based in Boston. His work has been presented at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (LOSING TO FEBRUARY, 2014), Henny Jurriens Festival Amsterdam (TALKING IS TALKING, 2016) Gibney Dance NYC (BOUND, 2015) and Boston Conservatory (GIOVANNI'S ROOM, 2017). Choreographic mentors include Tommy Neblett, Marcus Schulkind, Randy James and Mary Wolff. In addition to choreography, Kinsey is an active performer and student; most recently performing works by Aszure Barton and Doug Varone, as well as studying at Springboard Danse Montreal 2017. 


About Giovanni's Room

Originally set on 8 Boston Conservatory Dancers, "Giovanni's Room" is based on the James Baldwin novel. "I had decided to allow no room in the universe for something which shamed and frightened me. I suceeded very well- by not looking at the universe, by not looking at myself, by remaining, in effect, in constant motion" -James Baldwin.

danceETHOS Performance Company

danceETHOS Performance Company is a contemporary modern dance company based in the Lehigh Valley. Founded in 2008 by Artistic Director Alexandra Pobiedzinski, danceETHOS seeks to produce thoughtful, evocative works that engage and entertain all audiences.  danceETHOS invites its audiences to partake in a dialogue with choreographer and dancers through the language of movement, perception and kinesthetic understanding of topics for which words do not do justice. In addition to producing full-length concerts, danceETHOS has appeared in a variety of performances and showcases throughout the east coast, including the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, SpringUP Dance Festival, Green Space Studio in Queens, Ailey Citigroup Theater in Manhattan, Convergence, the InHale Performance Series and Koresh Artist Showcase. The company is also dedicated to the enrichment of the artistic culture of the Lehigh Valley by providing professional-level education and outreach opportunities such as master classes, performances, summer intensives, and its new youth apprentice company. For more information, visit


Showing: Vantage Point (excerpts)

Choreography: Jesse Keller Jason and Alison Manning
Live music: Phil DaRosa
Excerpt from "Clearing, Dawn, Dance" Judd Greenstein
Dancers: Leah Crosby, Jesse Keller Jason, Holly Jones, Alison Manning, Kimberly Murry, and Phil DaRosa- musician

DanceTheYard (DTY) is The Yard’s resident dance collective. Co-directors and choreographers Alison Manning, The Yard’s Executive Director, and Jesse Keller Jason, The Yard’s Director of Island Programs & Education (with Artistic Advisor David R. White), have been building a body of work and presenting an annual weekend of performances each summer, as part of the Yard Arts season. DTY is comprised of professionals living on Martha’s Vineyard and in New York City, and each member has become a part of The Yard’s greater service mission: working together to present performances for the public, participating in educational residencies and dance making programs for children and adults, along with other community based events around Martha’s Vineyard. Each component of DTY’s work contributes to The Yard’s overarching mission of support for emerging choreographers through residency and financial support, dance and related arts presentations, and a commitment to arts education in the local and national communities. DTY’s directors have created an emerging body of work and a collective of professional artists who are committed to seeing the work presented in the local and national dance arena. Learn More Here.


The work is inspired by natural lines, intersections, vast openness, the architectural elements of landscapes. Jesse Keller and Alison Manning create a moving landscape of bodies, manipulating and inhabiting the space simultaneously, playing with and adjusting the audience’s perspective, allowing the viewer to take in the whole scene or view details of each body/view point in the space. There is time to take in the scenery; time may erode the cliff but a new view is found - or created.

Danza Orgánica 

Showing: Where are you really from?

Award-winning choreographer Marsha Parrilla is the founding Artistic Director of Danza Orgánica. Born and raised in San Juan- Puerto Rico, she moved to NYC in 1998 where she pursued a Master's degree in Dance Education from New York University. Parrilla is a Luminary Artist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. She is a proud recipient of the Creative City Grant, and the New England Dance Fund- awarded by the New England Foundation for the Arts; a Festivals Grant awarded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and a LAB grant awarded by the Boston Foundation, towards her annual production: We Create! Celebrating Women in the Arts. Most recently, Parrilla was awarded a Creative Development Residency at the prestigious Jacob's Pillow. Marsha has taught Dance in NYC and Boston Public Schools, Boston University, the State University of New York in Stony Brook, the Roxbury Community College, and Green Street Studios. She is the founder of the Dance Research Online Forum- a site dedicated to free and progressive dance education, and is an active member of the Boston Dance Alliance Board of Directors, and the National Dance Education Association.

Marsha's production history includes several evening-length company concerts, as well as the award-winning annual festival: We Create! Celebrating Women in the Arts. 

Learn More Here.

David Sun/SundanceX

Showing: Passagio Serenata

SundanceX is a classically based contemporary ballet company in the Boston area that explores choreography with founder/director David Sun, in a collaborative process with dancers and musicians. This band of dancers is relentless and fierce in its pursuit and desire to rise above expectations, and aspires to spread the wonders and joy of classically based dance. What began as a summer project quickly grew into a tightly interlaced group, and by 2014, gained non-profit 501(3)(c) status as a member of Boston Dance Alliance. It has successfully performed often in the Greater Boston/Cambridge MA area, as well as in Newport RI, E. New Brunswick, NJ, & New York City, NY. Learn More Here.

 ”Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for –liberation.” ~Martha Graham


Choreography: Paul Singh
Music: ''Entr'acte'' by Caroline Shaw
Text: Paul Singh
Dancers: Danielle Davidson, Shura Baryshnikov

Commissioned in 2016, Paul Singh's exquisite work, Oracles 1 & 2,  exhibits arresting technical prowess while weaving beautifully unusual movement material with raw human moments.  The accompanying sound score -- a rich world of spoken word and musical phrasing -- is matched by the ebb and flow of physical effort and stillness in the dance, punctuated by difficult Cunningham-esque technical puzzles.

Doppelgänger Dance Collective (DDC) co-founded in 2015 by dancers Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson, fosters the creation and performance of original, contemporary choreographic work for duet performance. Compelled to dance together from the start, they conceived of a performance project that framed or captured this shared duality, their immediate bodily complicity. DDC is the tangible result of these dialogues.  The pair offers choreographic commissions to a diverse group of artists each season and is committed to public accessibility and service to the community, through mentoring and teaching opportunities, as well as informal showings and presentations. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Rap Artists: Swerve LG, Kid Flem

A fusion of story-telling ballads from past and present projects that will help to paint mental narrative for audience members.

Faith And Brutality (F. A. B) is an American Hip-Hop group formed in 2009, from Pittsburgh PA. The group is comprised of two rappers, known by their stage names, Swerve LG and Kid Flem. The duo brings a unique sound into the rap culture that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression on all audiences. F.A.B Released their First Single, "Tough Love," on May 6th, 2013, from their Blackboard East Album, and plan to release more music later this year. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Represented by Creative Direction Artist Management.


Showing: You are not Yours

Choreography: Junichi Fukuda
Music: "Transient" by Kasia Kadlubowsk, Falling to Get Up by Jesse Manno
Dancers: Haruka Tamura, Junichi Fukuda

Fukudance creates work from a belief in the necessity of live performance and the experience of art to convey humanity. It is the company’s mission to nurture the artistic vision of director Junichi Fukuda: “Every individual is unique, and that’s the essence of humanity.” After decades of the career as a professional dancer, Junichi formed Fukudance as a vehicle to continue his artistic journey as a choreographer. Since its inception, Fukudance has received recognition from New England Foundation for the Arts, Somerville Arts Council, Boston Dance Alliance, Boston Cultural Council. Fukudance aims to build and reach a wide audience through virtuosic, unique collaborations and engaging performances. Fukudance has performed in festivals such as 18MASDANZA, Bates Dance Festival, The Spring to Dance Festival by Dance St. Louis, DanceNow at Joe’s Pub Festival, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, Dancing in the street Festival by Somerville Arts Council.


What is the response when another force controls your body? What kind of frictions would occur among your body physically and psychologically as a result? Your mind and body interconnect with complicated relationships that science has yet to unravel. "You Are Not Yours" explores the hypothetical space where the dancers become the marionette, imaginary strings connected to the dancer's head, back and other possible body parts manipulating the dancer's body. It is the movement based exploration that stimulates the audience's mind by abstractly unraveling the contradiction of the reality of hierarchical society.

james morrow/ THEMOVEMENT

Showing: I met the soul walking along the path

A native of Chicago, IL. James Morrow is the founder and artistic director of james morrow/ The Movement. Coming from an urban background, Morrow yearns to see the classical composition prevalent in concert dance integrated into the hip-hop culture with which he is submerged. His movement has become a fusion of modern, contemporary, and urban dance styles. His choreography can be seen on companies throughout the U.S. and internationally working in Utrecht, Vienna, Mumbai, Puebla, Toronto, Montreal, Krasnoyarsk, and New Brighton.
Morrow was on Faculty at the American Dance Festival (summer 2010). He received a fellowship to Hollins University/The American Dance Festival (2011) where he earned his MFA in dance. He has been recipient of the Artist Ambassador Award to Northeastern Illinois University (2001), The Mordine and Co. Mentoring Project (2006), Chicago Cultural Dance Center’s Dance Bridge (2008), Movement Research at Judson Church (2012), SOLO Commissioned Choreographer for Minnesota's McKnight Dance Fellow (Stephen Schroeder 2012), Bates Teacher Fellowship (2013), the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellow in Choreography (2014), The Helen Coburn Meier & Tim Meier Foundation Achievement Award (2015), Boston Center for the Arts Choreographic Residency (2016), and The Boston Dance Alliance Retreat and Rehearsal Fellowship (2017). Learn More Here.


About I met the soul walking along the path

James Morrow's work I met the soul walking along the path explores different ways that patriarchal culture keeps men from knowing themselves. Patriarchal culture continues to tell the male population that what is most valuable about them is their strength, aggression and ability to dominate their environment. Through moments of violence and vulnerability Morrow pushes through levels of conditioning in order to find ways of expression. 


Choreography: Jamie Erin Murphy
Dancers: Jamie Erin Murphy, Brady Sanders, Shana Simmons

Words on Lost is an excerpt from Murphy’s new work-in-progress full-length piece, Identity, dealing with rediscovering oneself and voice. This piece is an exploration of words that make us feel lost or trapped that have been formed into a movement vocabulary.

Jamie Erin Murphy is a Pittsburgh based choreographer, dancer and educator who is passionate about exploring the human body through movement. She is a 2007 graduate of Point Park University and has performed with numerous companies in the area. She has presented work in PA, OH and NY and is a three time nominee of the Carol R. Brown Arts Achievement Award. Through her choreography and education of others, Murphy believes in making her art form accessible for all bodies. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

KAIROS Dance Theater

Showing: Hystera (work-in-progress)

Boston’s KAIROS Dance Theater is an eclectic contemporary dance company committed to creating emotionally powerful performance art. Combining strong dance technique with rich visual imagery, live music and set design, KAIROS creates a commanding physical landscape that pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance. The choreography is athletic and daring, the performers bold and committed. By stripping away layers to expose their truest selves, the dancers do not just dance, they reveal and embody story telling as a catalyst, inviting us all to embrace our deepest humanity. KAIROS performances aim to tell stories that speak to the deep, human truths we all experience.

In pursuit of creating engaging, sensory work Artistic Director DeAnna Pellecchia collaborates with visual artists, digital media artists, musicians, composers, and costume and set designers to craft immersive, multi-sensory performance pieces for the stage, site-specific landscapes and non-traditional public spaces. KAIROS has worked with Grammy-nominated musicians Kenny Werner, Dave Eggar and Joshua Pierce; NYC music-icon, composer Johnny Reinhard; MIT’s acclaimed composer Elena Ruehr; digital media artist Alison Kotin; Mexican fashion designer Carla Fernandez; Columbian fashion designer Carlos Villamil; installation artist Michael Dowling; and internationally acclaimed visual artist Shinique Smith, among many others. The company’s work has been presented by Boston University, Roger Williams University, Medicine Wheel Productions, Provincetown Dance Festival, Booking Dance Festival (NYC) / Jazz at Lincoln Center, Cotuit Center for the Arts, Boston Cyber Arts Festival, Boston Exhibition & Convention Center, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy in partnership with Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Critical Moves Performance Series, Somerville Arts Council, Jose Mateo’s Dance for World Community Day, HATCH Presenting Series (NYC), and its invitation-only follow-up series HATCHED (NYC), University Settlement (NYC), National Convention of Artists & Innovators / Cue Ball Capital, Massachusetts Dance Festival, Boston Center for the Arts, Nave Gallery, and Strand Theatre. Learn More Here.


About Hystera

"Hystera", a solo created for principal dancer Katie Von Wald, is the third excerpt from KAIROS Dance Theater's "MINISTRY OF ♀", an evening-length contemporary dance-theater performance piece currently in development. "MINISTRY OF ♀" asks what it means to act, talk, live, cry, laugh, run, fight, breathe, and simply be female in today's world under the pressures of femininity objectified. Through the examination of media driven female archetypes and stereotypes, "MINISTRY OF ♀" explores the disturbing, unattainable standards placed on women’ bodies and society's overall appropriation of the female experience.


Choreography: Kathleen Nasti
Music: Max Richter

Dancers: Kat Nasti, Tara Lynch, Janelle Abbott Staley


Kat Nasti Dance is a Boston-based Contemporary Dance Company.  The group creates and performs the work of Kat Nasti.  Nasti embraces dance in all of its glorious forms and her choreography has taken place in concert halls, throughout buildings, on expansive grounds, in the air, and on tiny little stages.  The work draws from her world travels and background in ballet and jazz and presents a contemporary form that is dynamic, fun, funny, and poignant.  

Tracks // Where will dance take you? is a grass roots touring initiative directed by JAMPress Management and Kat Nasti Dance.  It is a sister city collaboration between Kat Nasti Dance, a Boston based dance company and artist manager Jessica Marino (JAMPress Management) of Pittsburgh.   Mary Hierholzer, of The Boston Dance Journal, described Nasti and Marino’s past collaborative curatorial work as “challenging and thought-provoking in the way that the arts need to be”  and “curating intelligent conversation on the arts.”

TRACKS // provides select artists a platform and path for growth outside of their home cities. The initiative debuted to a packed audience in January, 2017 during the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in New York City and has since toured to Pittsburgh and Boston, with additional 2018 locations in Providence and Detroit, MI.

Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange (LVDE) sprouted in 2009, when a strong local professional dance presence was lacking. By bringing together the talents, various arts programs, organizations, and beautiful facilities in the community; LVDE has successfully stimulated arts professionals to network, share resources, hire local talent, show and make work, host master classes, and embrace the potential of professional dance in the Lehigh Valley.

Steve Siegel of the The Morning Call described LVDE as follows “a springboard to create a strong professional dance presence in the Lehigh Valley and to facilitate dance collaborations and performances using local venues.”

The Lehigh Valley (LV) is a rich academic landscape, home to three nationally recognized dance programs: Muhlenberg College, Desales University, and The Charter High School for Performing Arts as well as smaller dance programs who contribute to the overall robust arts scene of the LV.  The Lehigh Valley also hosts Musicfest, a 3-day music festival that takes over the city of Bethlehem with an amazing display of international guest artists.  The Lehigh Valley has seen tremendous growth in arts arts over the last ten years with the progress and growth of academic dance programs & presenting organizations with the addition of the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange, ArtsQuest Steel Stacks Campus and the Sands Casino, and work on the Green Space outdoor project. It is also home to the Silo – Dance | NYC, The Williams Center for the Arts, The Banana Factory, the Allentown Art Museum, The State Theater, Miller Symphony Hall and Zoellner Arts Center.   The LV Arts Council advocates for artists & art organizations and distributes state grant money via the PA Partners for the Arts. The Lehigh Valley is 1 hour from Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from NYC.  


Choreography: Kimberleigh A. Holman
Music: Field recordings and arrangement by K. A. Holman
Dancers: Melenie Diarbekirian, Katharina Schier

Between Words and Space is a contemporary duet built somatically on finding risk and authenticity in the present tense, and thematically on the trials and tribulations of communication. Created in 2016 by Kimberleigh Holman with Luminarium Dance’s Katie McGrail and Katharina Schier, the work features bold physical decision making, communicative ulterior motive, manipulation in communication and as a device, and fluidity in self and relationship. Silent observation, physical response—how do we communicate our joys, our daily cruelties?

Luminarium Dance Company, founded by Merli V. Guerra and Kimberleigh Holman, is an award-winning contemporary dance company now in its sixth season that is regularly hailed for its unique combination of dance and light. The Boston-based company has performed its repertory in venues from New York City to California. The company's latest project was a commission to open TEDxCambridge—the single largest TED event in the world—which debuted at the Boston Opera House to an audience of 2,600. Luminarium regularly conducts community outreach projects: several for underserved youth throughout the Northeast through its Arts in Action Projects; an annual Cultural Community Outreach Project, using dance and art to highlight a local landmark; and America's only 24-Hour ChoreoFest each season. Luminarium is proud to support its company members and guest artists who join the company from Greater Boston, while its artistic directors act as panelists, mentors, and guest lecturers at colleges and art institutions throughout New England. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Choreography: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with HyunJung Lee
Dancers: HyunJung Lee, Maree ReMalia

e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. is a collage of a duet created by Korean movement artist HyunJung Lee and American dance artist Maree ReMalia. Their abstract expressions reflect their experiences and discussions grappling with acknowledging, becoming, belonging, persevering, suffering, mourning, coping, and celebrating.

Maree ReMalia | merrygogo and ChudaChudaHyun are the artists’ platforms for creating collaborative, project-based performance works with communities of shifting collaborators. They work with individuals across a range of identities, abilities, and disciplines with the intention of honoring and showcasing the particularities of the people with whom they are creating and bringing unlikely groups together. Their dances have been presented in Israel, South Korea, and the United States. Together they co-facilitate Gaga classes, improvisation, and repertory in professional, academic, and community settings with dance professionals and youth, college students, and adults of all ages who are in training and also newcomers to dance. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Choreography: Molly Hess
Dancers: Molly Hess

A dance theater solo.

Molly Hess is a Cambridge, MA based dance artist interested in interested in memory, storytelling, feminism, care in the face of conflict, and connection of voice with movement. In 2016 Molly + Tessa Make a Dance around the East Coast. In 2016 Arc Dance Research Laboratory selected her as the emerging artist in residence. Her work employs vivid imagery, storytelling and sometimes power crafting to create immersive experiences for audiences and has been presented in many venues on the East Coast and beyond. Besides having a dedicated choreographic practice Molly is a member of Back Pocket Dancers and teaches dance with a focus on creative process in Cambridge and Arlington, MA. She received her B.A. in dance from St. Olaf College in 2012. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Choreography: Crystal Nilsson and Stephen Ursprung
Music: Olafur Arnolds, The Books, Calvin Harris
Text: Crystal Nilsson and Stephen Ursprung; Read by Catriona Hynds
Dancers: Larissa Ursprung, Stephen Ursprung

As described by cultural anthropologist Marc Augé, transportation terminals represent non-places; they are as ubiquitous as they are nonexistent. They represent an anti-cultural space that lacks cultural familiarity, yet they are a part of the cultural knowledge of our increasingly globalized society. It is our argument that it is in the shared familiarity of these spaces so devoid of cultural specificity that we uncover and display our most universal human characteristics. By stripping away the notion that culture makes us human, we hope to use human movement—both pedestrian and transit-specific—to build a movement vocabulary that reflects global knowledge of locating and relocating ourselves.

NilsSprung Dance Project was created as an outlet for the creative exploration and collaboration of Crystal Nilsson and Stephen Ursprung. Nilsson and Ursprung share a passion for improvisation, physical rigor, and a playful and whimsical exploration of complex ideas. NilsSprung Dance Project has presented work at Movement Research (NYC), SpringWIDEOpen (Holyoke, MA), Brown University (Providence, RI), Framingham State University (MA), and with the Boston Touring Group at Chisenhale Dance Space in London, UK. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Olive Prince Dance

Showing: Of Our Remnants

Choreography: Olive Prince
Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Illuha & Taylor Deupree, Jayme Ivison, Kevin MacLeod, Sarah Neufeld
Dancers:Evalina “Wally” Carbonell, Caroline O’Brien, Brandi Ou, Olive Prince, and Alissa Zerin

Olive Prince Dance (OPD) is a project based dance company creating compelling, physically stimulating and thematically suggestive dance works.  OPD is invested in the collaborative process, and engaged in cutting edge artistic inquiry. Prince weaves the choreographic process in parallel with Carrie Powell, conceptual collaborator, visual artist, and creative arts therapist.  Together, they are pushing the boundaries of contemporary practice. Visual imagery is paramount to OPD’s working process and final product.  Often starting with objects, set pieces, or costuming to create ways of constructing and deconstructing their meaning throughout the choreography.  Specific images act as conceptual muses and are allowed to lead aspects of the process to develop choreography that mirrors the human experience.  The process creates movement that combines technical virtuosity with energetic resonance, all while utilizing classical constructs in ways that further the work.  


My goal as an artist is to view each space as a partner to the dance, tailoring each performance to meet the demands of the space.  Of our remnants is a moving metaphor exploring: union and death, together and apart, collective and alone. The stage is set with a collection of chairs, objects, empty frames, and abandoned lamps for a dance of expressive physicality and intimate connections to emerge. The original piece housed an installation that included empty frames lining the walls, objects stuffed and seeping from a peeled back wall, and a lamp installation all painted monochromatically to match the walls of the factory it was in. The audience and dancers are engulfed within a creation inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. The 55-minute piece is mysterious, provocative, emotive, and full of gutsy dancing. Learn More Here. 

Pantos Project 

Showing: She Said, She Said

Boston based contemporary dance company, Pantos Project, LLC is committed to performing the athletic, and innovative work of Artistic Director, Kat Pantos. Founded in 2013, Pantos Project made its premier at the Dance Soirée Festival in New York City at the Ailey Citigroup Theatre. Pantos was chosen as one of ten women choreographers, at the Women in Dance Series, with 'She Said, She Said' reviewed as 'satisfying fluidity.' Since its premier Pantos Project has performed in numerous festivals some of which include, NYC Dance Initiative, 8 in Show, Dance for World Community, Mayfair Arts Festival, Massachusetts Dance Festivals, Brooklyn Dance Festival among many others. Pantos Project has hosted two evening length shows at Boston University's Dance Theatre, BEHAVIOR and STABILIZE. In 2015, Pantos Project was invited to present BEHAVIOR at the highly acclaimed Inside/Out Series at Jacobs Pillow. Most recently Pantos Project was chosen to bring site specific dance work to Boston culturally expanding Seaport District through Epicenter Experience. The company prides itself on the athletic, technical and creative capability of its members with a commitment to performance and education. Pantos Project offers open company class at Green Street Studios as well as Winter and Summer Intensive programs annually in Boston.

Learn More Here.

SHOWING: Dance Within Your Dance

Choreography: Tatiana Desardouin
Music: "The Clown" by Maribou State Feat. Pedestrian (Axel Bowman Remix)
"The reminiscence" by Altered Natives
"Imam" by Mark De Clive Lowe & Daz-I-Kue (Re-Bruk Remix)
"Easy" by Question
"There Now" by Frits Wentink (feat. Loes Jongerling)
Dancers: Mai Le Ho and Tatiana Desardouin

Passion Fruit Dance Company is New York based company, founded and choreographed by Tatiana Desardouin, where she is using hip-hop, housedance and other streetdance styles in her pieces. She launched her company in 2016 where they performed at the 6th annual 2016 "Clutchfest Street Dance Award" event held at the Gordan Theater at Rutgers Camden in New Jersey, at the Pregones Theater for the 7th annual “Bronx Artists Now” organized by Pepatian, Jane Gabriels organization in New York. They also performed at BAAD! Theater in New York for the “BADD! Ass women” Festival, at the “Spring Up Festival” at Lehigh Valley at the Cedar Crest College, at the “Performance Garage” in Philadelphia for “Movemakers” danceschool spring dance show, at the Apollo Theater for Breakin’ Convention Festival and at Jacob’s Pillow for the Inside/Out Festival. Passion Fruit Dance Company recently performed at BAAD!Theater as part of “Dance Your Future 2017” residency, organised by “Pepatian” organization in collaboration with “BAAD! Theater”, the premiere full version of her piece “Dance Within Your Dance” (1 hour).


What is the groove? How do you find it? How much weight does it hold in self expression? In Dance Within Your Dance, Tatiana Desardouin invites you to connect with the techniques, rhythms and essence of hip-hop and house dance. In those communities, Dance Within Your Dance is how we develop, struggle, connect, and create our own and collective signatures. Welcome.



Choreography: Marius Petipa
Music: Riccardo Drigo
Dancers: Saki Tsuruta, Masanao Ito

Classical Ballet; Le Corsaire (The Pirate) is a thrilling ballet about Conrad, a dashing pirate, and his love for Medora, a beautiful harem girl.

Saki Tsuruta and Masanao Ito are dancers of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Graduate Program. These young dancers, on the cusp of their professional careers, perform regularly in PBT’s main-stage company productions, most recently in Giselle, The Nutcracker, Alice in Wonderland, and Romeo and Juliet. Throughout each year, dancers in the PBT Graduate Program are also cast in performing ensembles that expand PBT’s performance reach so that audiences throughout the region are able to enjoy the superb training and artistry of these young dancers.

The ensemble prepares each dancer for a professional career. Dancers, from ages 18 to 22, hail from places across the Americas, Canada, Europe and Asia. These dancers have studied for many years in their quest to become professional dancers and have been selected from an international group of candidates by the artistic staff of PBT and PBT School.

Under the leadership of PBT Artistic Director Terrence S. Orr and PBT School Co-Directors, Marjorie Grundvig and Dennis Marshall, ensemble dancers participate in an extensive schedule of daily classes, rehearsals and performances. To complement daily ballet technique class, the dancers study character, modern, contemporary, Pilates and yoga. Ensemble dancers enhance their experience through performances, lecture-demonstrations, and by working closely with renowned choreographers.

Each year, many dancers from this ensemble go on to join PBT’s company or receive contracts and apprenticeships with other prestigious national companies around the country and world. Ensemble alumni have performed with companies including American Repertory Ballet, Aspen Sante Fe Ballet, Atlantic City Ballet, Ballet Arizona, Ballet Austin, Ballet Met Columbus, Ballet West, Boston Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Colorado Ballet, Columbia Classical Ballet, Complexions, Columbia City Ballet, Louisville Ballet, Nashville Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Nevada Ballet Theater, North Carolina Dance Theatre, Richmond Ballet, Sacramento Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and our own Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, where more than 50% of the Company roster is composed of PBT School alumni. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Choreography: Diane Arvanites and Tommy Neblett
Music: Colin Stetson; Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld
Dancers: Naoko Brown, Callie Chapman, Justin Daniel, Danielle Davidson, ArVejon Jones, Flora Kim, Shoshana Moyer, Lonnie Stanton

When we connect with another person, signals become interwoven. We transfer patterns and ways of being by an organic and energetic osmosis.  Briefly, we are not alone. As we move through experiences, we are left with the traces of former relationships that could be described as ghost memories. We capture each other in this way being caught in a state of perpetual longing to not be alone. 

Prometheus Dance, directed by Diane Arvanites and Tommy Neblett, was founded in1989. The company has performed extensively both nationally and internationally. Prometheus Dance has been produced in New York City by the Joyce SoHo, New York University, Downtown Baca, La Mama, at Lincoln Center’s Out-of-Doors Festival and in Avery Fisher Hall; in Boston by the Celebrity Series, OperaBoston, Dance Umbrella, Crash Arts, First Night, Boston Center for the Arts, Emerson Stage, and The Boston Conservatory; and in Connecticut by the New England Artists’ Trust Congress and the International Festival of Arts And Ideas. Recent festivals include Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, The Yard, Outside the Box Festival, Riverside Dance Festival, and Bates Dance Festival. The company has performed internationally in France, Spain, Venezuela, and Ecuador and will be traveling to Istanbul in 2018. The artistic directors have also created dance for OperaBoston, Boston Opera Collaborative and the Boston Movement Collaborative. Prometheus hosts a professional development program for artists and presents outreach performances in public schools, alternative venues, shelters and senior homes. Awards for choreography include a Creativity Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and six Artists Fellowships for Choreography from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Sarah Carlson/DanceLink

DanceLink’s work seeks to bridge people, ideas, and understanding through the power of movement. Conceived and directed by Sarah Carlson, DanceLink understands the body to be the seat of memory, emotion, complex thinking and deep belief that words cannot always express. Whether working with experienced dancers or novice movers, DanceLink engages a process that strives to use the wisdom of the body to unpack the big questions, often spiritual in nature. A blend of movement, stillness, stories, and play, DanceLink projects can take a variety of forms including creative movement, community-based workshops, master classes, or proscenium and site-specific performance. DanceLink exists to promote community and communicate profoundly through the multi-dimensional instrument of the body.

Sarah Mae Gibbons

Showing: EBITA; Earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization

Originally from Athens, Ohio, Sarah Mae earned her BFA in dance and minor in education from The Ohio State University. She continued her education by earning a Yoga Teaching Certification and Thai Massage Level I Certificate, is a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as holds a certificate in Homeopathy from NESH. She is currently taking classes at Harvard University in management and economics.

As an administrator, Sarah Mae, with her co-founder Jared Williams directs the organization "New Movement Collaborative" ( NMC is an arts organization focused on performance and modern dance in Boston, MA. Together, Jared and Sarah Mae also founded, curate and produce "Lion's Jaw" (, a contemporary dance and performance arts festival in Boston, MA. Sarah Mae also co-curates/manages the rotating master class series "Moving Target" with Audrey MacLean. (

Sarah Mae holds experience managing and programing for many non-profit organizations such as Green Street Studios and Urban Arts Space as well as running educational and mentorship programs around the city. Sarah Mae has experience coordinating/volunteering/creating events through organizations such as Wexner Center For The Arts, Non Violent Communication, Cambridge Performance Project, Not Me! Inc, Shambhala Boston and many others. She has served a rotation on the Artistic Advisory Committee of Green Street Studios, NACHMO artistic advisory board and an Ambassador for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Boston. Sarah Mae also holds a corporate executive assistant position at Charlesbank Capital Partners in Boston, MA. As an artist and educator, Sarah Mae is presently based in Boston, MA, offering massage and yoga sessions at Balans Wellness Studio and teaching dance to dancers of all ages at a variety of locations throughout the year locally and nationally. Sarah Mae performs and choreographs her own work, both independently and collaboratively. Sarah Mae continues to strive toward physicality and authenticity in her personal creative endeavors. Learn More Here.


Choreography: Shana Simmons
Music: Original Composition by Ian Green
Dancers: Kaitlin Dann, Kurtis Sprowls, Jamie Erin Murphy, Shana Simmons
Additional dancers (A Diddy): Carmella Cuomo, AJ Libert, Daniela O'Neil

PASSENGER is a full-length contemporary dance work, which creates a performance environment of choreography, sound, and visual spectacle. The audience remains challenged to think about the impact of extinction and how it relates to them.  PASSENGER explores the comparison of bird behavior (migration, flocking) to human behavior, the consumption of resources, and how it connects to the extinction of the passenger pigeon. The extinction of the passenger pigeon was honored in 2014 on its hundred year anniversary through a nationwide collective effort to bring awareness to the public. PASSENGER was a part of those efforts, presented through a site specific performance at the National Aviary.

Shana Simmons Dance (SSD) was founded in 2009 by Artistic Director Shana Simmons to create unique and engaging contemporary dance. Since its founding, Simmons has used dance as a means to express other people’s opinions as well as her own: to interpret and create. She takes inspiration from the immediate world in which we are living, and her choreographic expressions are created from the ways in which our society is changing, the need for intimate connections to people and objects, and providing the viewer a unique perspective, if not participatory action. The result for the viewer is an emotional reaction or a thought process about the work. SSD projects aim to draw audiences into modern dance in new and creative ways and highlight current societal topics for project based work.

SSD began its project history in 2009, following Simmons’ graduation from LABAN in London, England. Their first collaboration was with Artmongers, an artistic company focusing on community murals and led by Patricio Forester. The company’s first two projects involved a site specific Tea Party for the local Deptford community, next to Greenwich, and a Hospital Project for the newly revamped children’s hospital wing at St Thomas’s Hospital, located in London proper. Both performance events utilized the sites in creative and entertaining ways, engaging the audience into the performance and encouraging dance as an accessible and fun form of expression. The goals of both of these performances were to bring new life into places that otherwise seem desolate or scary.
Since their relocation to Pittsburgh, PA, SSD has produced three major productions through the support of the Heinz Small Arts Initiative. Relative Positions (2012) was a building take over involving over twenty artists who performed/presented their works in site specific locations throughout. Over 250+ attendees were documented and it boasted “Pittsburgh as a vibrant arts scene.” Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post Gazette. PASSENGER (2014) honored the hundred year anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon, once the most numerous bird in North America. Presented at the National Aviary, five dancers swept, leapt, and careened through space, transforming the center of the aviary into a feathered nest of movement.

Objective I (2015) was a collaboration with NYC based company, The Moving Architects, experimenting with editing in dance. Based on an article written by Judith Mackrell, both choreographers created and edited each other’s work. Presented as a two step project, Objective I was presented in both NYC and Pittsburgh. Discussions ensued with audiences; topics of artistic voice, entertainment value, and the true nature of a choreographic work were debated.

Along with these three productions, Artistic Director, Shana Simmons, has created more than twelve choreographic pieces since 2009. Her works have been seen in London, Belgium, New York City, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. SSD also has a long standing collaborative relationship with The Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra, producing four separate works to date.

SSD strives to maintain excellence in choreographic quality, create experiences for audiences highlighting current topics, and views performance as an exchange between audience member and performer. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Choreography: Staycee R. Pearl
Music: Abbey Lincoln, Herman B. Pearl / Sound Designer/Engineer, Anqwenique Wingfield / Lead Vocalist, Ben Opie / Arranger & Instrumentalist, Ben Barson / Instrumentalist, Paul Thompson / Instrumentalist, Elisa Kohanski / Instrumentalist
Dancers: Jessica Marino, Ethan Gwynn, LaTrea Rembert, Davalois Fearon, and Mamiko Usuda

ABBEY: In the Red is a live Jazz and dance filled performance inspired by the life and music of Jazz vocalist, composer, and civil rights activist Abbey Lincoln. Sound designer/producer Soy Sos brings together a live ensemble of woodwinds, strings and electronics featuring several esteemed musicians. Integrated into this immersive musical experience is a moving, contemporary dance performance by STAYCEE PEARL dance project created to actively express the evolution of culture through the performing arts

STAYCEE PEARL dance project (SPdp) exists to interpret and mirror culture and community through dance and dance centered multi-media experiences. With diverse casting and programming, SPdp explores innovative conceptual possibilities while participating in meaningful collaboration. SPdp produces programming around compelling concepts and themes often inspired by social/political world issues. SPdp occasionally examines the works of celebrated legendary and contemporary artists of the African Diaspora. Examples of such projects includes OCTAVIA, which explores the life and work of famed African American Science Fiction novelist, Octavia Butler, and ...on being... which began as an investigation of the broad Post-Black conversation. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Tarikh Campbell

Showing: TT

Tarikh Campbell hails from the great state of New Jersey, but began dancing during his freshman year at MIT, and has continued dancing in Boston ever since. Throughout his college years, Tarikh trained with various student dance groups, and eventually decided to branch out from MIT, leading him to join dance companies such as Tribe and Static Noyze. Toward the end of his college days, Tarikh and a few male hip hop dancers came together to form Side Project and Project Nailz, crews that took the stage seriously but carried on like a group of friends. Side Project evolved into larger groups such as Weapons of MASS and The CONcept Artists, where Tarikh currently serves as Executive Director. Tarikh's groups have won numerous championships and awards at shows such as Elements, Prelude Urban Dance Competition, World of Dance, Best of The East, Main Event, and Kollaboration. To this day Tarikh continues to teach workshops, create performances, and learn new movement from fellow artists everywhere.


About TT

TT explores the sensual and groovy workings of underground recording artist, Tiara Thomas. After breaking into the hip hop mainstream with her feature on Wale's "Bad," Thomas has steadily continued to cultivate her unique sound and delight her fans with track after track. Allow yourself to be lost within the provocative tones of her voice, the deep vibrations of her rhythms, and the hypnotic movements of our tribute to an underground queen, Tiara Thomas.


Choreography: Teena Marie Cluster
Music: Excerpt of "Cielo" by Murco; "Trust Me" by Sango
Dancer: Teena Marie Cluster

My Good Side is a solo, evening-length, interactive, hip hop dance theater show. It utilizes various street dance forms to investigate our relationship to vanity on social media. My Good Side explores where fantasy ends and reality begins, in an attempt to curate our lives through technology.

Teena Marie Custer is an urban dance theater artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.  She battles and performs with her street dance crews Get Down Gang and Venus Fly. Her urban dance theater work has been presented at Sadler’s Wells Theater in London, The American Dance Festival, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, Ford Amphitheater in LA, and the American College Dance Festival Gala Concert.  She has also created hip hop dance theater works for over 25 university dance departments around the U.S., and her tv and film credits include BET, MTV’s MADE, the feature film “Leading Ladies,” directed by Erika Randall and “Fathers and Daughters” starring Russell Crowe. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Vanessa White/Lipstick Criminals

Showing: Ghost

A gang of merry, power-fem strippers, Lipstick Criminals combine their collective dance histories, exotic and otherwise, to create works which provoke the mind, the heart, the gut, and that hot-spot between your legs no one wants you to talk about. Founded and directed by Sugar Dish, née Vanessa White in 2006 as Babes in Boinkland. Rebranded in 2014. Lipstick Criminals are the company behind The Slutcracker which celebrates it's 10th season this December. Learn More Here.


About Ghost

This piece was created during our post-Slutcracker downtime period after a particularly difficult season. The challenge was to create a piece only from the waist up, one version of an effort to create synchronized choreography for different body types and abilities.